It’s very unfortunate

When I literally gave everything I owned and felt – only to be stabbed in the back. Now I wake up every day broken and financially ruined. Will I ever trust anyone again? Your greed knows no bounds but… thankfully neither does karma. People will be told what really happened because unlike you I don’t have to hide behind anyone and lie about the things I’ve done, because I have nothing to. One thing I do know for certain is, this website, the soundwaves, writing music and expressing myself with a melody is just about the last thing I have on this planet. It is the one thing you’ll never take from me. Count on it.

And I will always love you.
Unlike you though, I forgive you.

Close Your Eyes(early look) v0.9b3ta

Hey all, here’s a peek at Close Your Eyes, I should have it ready on SoundCloud in a couple weeks once I’m satisfied with the mix quality and yes of course it’s free. I won’t even ask for follows or email’s like a lot of artists are doing. If you like it that will happen organically so enjoy 🙂

Back to Producing Again

Well I’ve been out of speakers for a while now since Jussik came and got his back a while ago.. I did a lot of research on what I wanted to replace them with and I’m happy to announce I can make tunes again.. look for stuff at the end of the summer!