It’s very unfortunate

When I literally gave everything I owned and felt – only to be stabbed in the back. Now I wake up every day broken and financially ruined. Will I ever trust anyone again? Your greed knows no bounds but… thankfully neither does karma. People will be told what really happened because unlike you I don’t have to hide behind anyone and lie about the things I’ve done, because I have nothing to. One thing I do know for certain is, this website, the soundwaves, writing music and expressing myself with a melody is just about the last thing I have on this planet. It is the one thing you’ll never take from me. Count on it.

And I will always love you.
Unlike you though, I forgive you.

Close Your Eyes(early look) v0.9b3ta

Hey all, here’s a peek at Close Your Eyes, I should have it ready on SoundCloud in a couple weeks once I’m satisfied with the mix quality and yes of course it’s free. I won’t even ask for follows or email’s like a lot of artists are doing. If you like it that will happen organically so enjoy 🙂

Back to Producing Again

Well I’ve been out of speakers for a while now since Jussik came and got his back a while ago.. I did a lot of research on what I wanted to replace them with and I’m happy to announce I can make tunes again.. look for stuff at the end of the summer!

Uploading all of my work

Everything I’ve created over the years..

The full Destructobyte playlist.

As for Destructobyte I haven’t had a lot of time to work on this as of late which is unfortunate, however I’ll keep at it as always. I’m going to be putting stuff up here before it goes to SoundCloud from now on so with that said. Keep visiting.. there’s more tunes coming :).